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Let us show you the shortcut to profitability and high earnings.

The only Program in the City with Guaranteed Funding .

Let us show you the shortcut to profitability and high earnings.



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The Only Program in the City with guaranteed Funding .

The Hidden Talents Program is two months in length and focuses on the MSTA diploma as an end goal. Every student can receive this diploma with the help of our program’s focus on risk management, psychology, and analysis technical, inter-market and fundamental — the traditional subjects that make for successful traders around the globe. thus the goals of this program far exceed simply teaching for success, but also providing the vehicle for said success.



We also understand that some students can devote themselves to our Hidden Talents Program on a part-time basis, while others can be available full-time.

Our commitment to varying levels of availability only further stresses our aim to include every talented individual in our program. Even if you cannot make it to our physical location, you can trade remotely.

Both the part-time and full-time Hidden Talents Programs include two distinct phases: month one and month two. During the first month you learn technical and fundamental analysis, then put your intensive theory exposure to use with demo practice. Then, during the second month, you actually trade live with the company’s funds ,10.000$ account . It doesn’t get more real-world than this.

$10.000 account to start trading with


50-50% profit Split

Trader backed

Trader placed top 1 tier banks and hedge funds

I am on my second month and the comprehensive training has enabled me to transfer my analytical skills developed throughout my chemistry degree and utilise them in trading.”


Full time trader

Throughout the day I monitor key economic announcements based on the economic calendar, trading news based on volatility and momentum within the market. Audacity Capital has given me the tools and support to start my career as a day trader.



I am currently part of the hidden talents programme, which is giving me the support to form a strong trading strategy along with a positive psychological attitude to be successful in the industry.


Trader and Analyst

I think HTP was a golden opportunity for me to start a career in Finance , being on trading floor around experienced profitable traders saved me a lot of time and money .



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