Hidden Talents Program



AudaCity Capital, a forward thinking and progressive prop trading company, is encouraging talented individuals from all experiences to apply to take part in their innovative Hidden Talents Program.

With a careful selection process, the Hidden Talents program is designed to help identify, recruit and develop the next generation of raw talent, who are eager to demonstrate their ability in the investment and trading markets niche.

The 2-month Hidden Talents Program begins with intensive foundation training on financial markets and is led on our trading floor with live accounts allocated from the beginning.

The program content includes traditional subjects like technical, fundamental and intermarket analysis, psychology and risk management.

The program will give candidates the knowledge to achieve an internationally acknowledged MSTA diploma.

The reward for those, who are able to meet the requirements of the Hidden Talents program, is becoming a part of the AudaCity Capital fund management team.

-1st month- intensive theory and demo practice based on Technical and Fundamental analysis. Morning session

-2nd month- live trading with company’s funds on live trading floor.

-1st month- intensive theory and demo practice based on Technical and Fundamental analysis. Evening session

-2nd month- live trading with company’s funds. Remote trading option available.


As “Hidden Talents Program” suggests; in many instances individuals may have the correct combination of skills to be a winning trader, but not be aware of it until completing the program. Therefore, we would suggest that those with even the slightest interest in this initiative contact us for an initial assessment, on a no obligation basis.

AudaCity Capital is keen to emphasis that everybody with a desire is welcome to apply to the program. The selection process is built upon a modern approach which will see candidates facing interviews, personality, psychology and talent tests, to ensure only those made up of the right ‘core’ characteristics are successful.

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