Structure of the Program

First week

Starting by plotting the Asian and the day before range, introducing pivot points, learning to plot and to identify trends and patterns relating to the continuation of trends and the pull back/reversal.

Learning to use candlesticks to enter and take profit combining the range levels and pivot point.

Introduction to the risk management and psychology of trading , cutting losses and dealing with emotions .

Second week

Introducing moving averages and using the moving averages combined with the tools of the first week. Learning to risk manage positions, the account by breaking positions into units to give more flexibility.

Every trainee will be constantly monitored and shown how to use the tools that have been taught to best manage the positions and find the best entry/exit of the positions enabling the trainee to judge where the best price for profits and stops are.

Intermakret analysis and financial market dynamics , Bonds , equities , Fx….

Third week

Introduce oscillators (slow stochastic) to identify when the market is overbought or oversold. E.g. If we are in an uptrend, we can use the oscillator to take a long position with our other tools for a continuation of the trend.

We will cover other indicators and run them on an identical chart window to see the comparison with the tools have been shown. This way we can build the trainee’s strategy.

 Fourth week

Put all that have been taught into practice. Set the account back to $10,000 (still demo account).

The first three weeks are for experimentation and the fourth week is for you to trade as it is real money.

Fifth week

AudaCity Capital funds your account with funds ($10,000) while being monitored and coached for the next 2-3 months (as long as the trainee needs support), in which time if you have been consistent we will double the capital to the account to get up to $100.000-150,000 by the end of the trainee’s first year.