The Program

AudaCity Capital is forward thinking and progressive global investment company is encouraging talented individuals from all walks of life to apply to take part in their innovative ‘Hidden Talents’ recruitment drive.

As a leading investment company, ‘AudaCity Capital’ have carefully designed the ‘Hidden Talents’ programme to help identify, recruit and develop the next generation of raw talent who are eager to demonstrate their ability in the niche investment and trading markets.

The programme will form a substantial part of the company’s corporate expansion strategy and will see an influx of opportunity seekers who can demonstrate a talent, aptitude and enthusiastic drive to become a successful trader. The ‘Hidden Talents’ program was an initiative created to help alleviate the problematic shortfall of capable traders within the city.

We’re committed to teaching our candidates the skills, tools and secrets to read the market and understand every little detail of what we do as an investment and fund management service. Successful candidates can learn in only a couple of months what we’ve learnt through many years of painful experience. All we ask is that they bring their unique talents, personality and enthusiasm to the table.”

‘Hidden Talents’ is an enterprising three month trading program for individuals who wish to embark on a professional career in the financial markets. Uniquely, the program is not based upon previous experience or academic qualifications, but purely on the natural intellectual and psychological make up of a successful trader.